Claim Process

The Claims Process has been split into Six (6) Stages, which are listed below;


Step 1 – Claim Eligibility

There is a number criterion to determine eligibility of a replacement vehicle, however just as a quick reference if the following criteria are met the likelihood of your claim being approved is very good

  • 1.Party at fault is insured. (comprehensive or third party cover)
  • 2.Party at fault has lodged a claim.
  • 3.Party at fault’s insurer accepts liability for the incident

Step 2 – Send Form and Supporting Documents to us

You can either download our form OR enter your email address to have form automatically emailed to you. Click Here.

You must also send us..

  • 1.Copy of your Drivers Licence
  • 2.Copy of your RTA Certificate of Registration (for your damaged vehicle)

Step 3 – Claim Assessment

Once all documentation and information has been obtained, our claims officers will assess the claim. This process normally takes a few minutes, provided all information is supplied and is correct.

Once the claim has been approved we can then arrange a replacement vehicle for you.

Step 4 – Replacement Vehicle

You are entitled to a vehicle of similar standard to your damaged vehicle and we will do our best to obtain this for you, however this is not always possible.

The rental companies we deal with will supply a vehicle on credit to you and await payment from us once rental costs have been recovered.

The vehicle supplied will be from an independent rental company and normal rental conditions apply. A credit card is usually required for most rental companies

Step 5 – Claimable Rental Period

Your vehicle repairable: We will obtain a copy of the repair estimate from the panel beater to calculate how many rental days can be claimed. These are based on the hours authorised to repair your vehicle.

Your vehicle a total loss: If your vehicle is declared a total loss, you can generally claim up to 14 days OR if you receive a cheque from the insurance company first, whichever is the sooner. If you are uninsured or only have third party cover we can often extend the rental up to the date the settlement cheque is received.

In every circumstance each claim is assessed on its individual merits and we will contact you to advise the claimable rental period.

The date we supply to you will be accurate based on the information supplied at time of calculation, however this date may change if the panel beater is faced with part delays or finds additional damage to your vehicle.

Step 6 – Submit Claim to Insurance Company

Upon completion of repairs to your vehicle or return of the rental vehicle we will submit your claim to the party at fault’s insurance company. Upon payment of the rental vehicle costs the rental company will be paid and our file closed.


Please contact us if you have any questions regarding information or documentation with your claim.